Midwifery (guest access)

The Midwifery Profession and Its Scope of Practice in Bangladesh (guest)

In this course you will meet high-level officials in Bangladesh and national midwifery experts, who will introduce you to the midwifery profession and its scope of practice.

Introductory Words

Midwives educated according to international standards can make the difference between life and death for mothers and newborns. Midwives are critical for the delivery of sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn healthcare of good quality, and as such are vital to support countries achieve universal health coverage and reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a strategy to improve such healthcare quality, the Government of Bangladesh has implemented strategies to improve the availability of professional midwives.

In this course, we will introduce you to some of the key points in midwifery in Bangladesh today – the historical development of the midwifery profession, the role of the regulatory authorities, the midwifery education and the faculty educating midwives, midwifery services and the professional association that represents the midwifery profession. 

With support from the Swedish Embassy and the United Nations Population Fund, this course has been developed by Dalarna University. We have a long tradition of educating midwifery students to become professional midwives regulated and licensed for autonomous midwifery practice.



Kerstin Erlandsson 
RN, RM, Professor, Course leader and Programme Director, Head of subject SRPH, Dalarna University






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